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JS & CSS build with Gradle

Silksmith allows you do build single page application with gradle. It manages your dependencies and type checks your JS code, you can also do unit testing and CSS via Sass

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                    plugins {
                        id "io.silksmith.plugin" version "0.6.2"
                    repositories {
                        maven {url=""}

                    dependencies {
                        web "io.silksmith.libs:closure-base:1.0.0+smith.+" //goog lib (required)
                        web "io.silksmith.libs:bootstrap-sass:3.3.3+smith.+" //lets use the sass sources of bootstrap
                        web "io.silksmith.libs:jquery:1.11.2+smith.+" //and I guess you want to have some jquery

Nothing needs to be installed ... except gradle :)


gradle server Run your local dev server, access it http://localhost:10101

gradle testJS -Pwatch Run your closure JavaScript in Mocha


gradle closureCompileJS checks, optimizes and minifies your JS

gradle assembleWebapp provide all the external scripts like jQuery

gradle compileSCSS builds your css